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Price list


Contract form   Period
Basic Ad * € 50,00 1 month
EXTRA **    
Plus Logo on the job posting € 50,00 1 month
Social Media: Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter € 50,00 1 month
Top job posting (one month marked) € 50,00 1 month
Extra Banner on homepage € 50,00 1 month
Two months in stead of one. € 50,00 2 months

*  Basic Ad containing full text (provided by client)

** Extra: see menu above

Job posting several vacancies:
Please contact us for more job postings. Through the RSS feed we can also post jobs automatically from your site. Fore more information Go to Contactgegevens.

For € 150,-- extra we provide file search from our active candidate database next to the job placement.  We send you at least a minimum of three possible candidates .Filesearch is also possible without job placement.

A banner (without jobposting) on the homepage will cost € 100,- per month (€ 500,- per half year or € 900,- per year.)
Banners are 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high: GIF-of JPG-format.

All tariffs are excluding VAT.

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